Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Posted: December 27, 2018
Talking Toilet Paper Spindle
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Are you sure you don't need another foot or so of t.p. for what you just did in there?! Waka, waka, waka! This equal parts childish and tons o' fun Talking Toilet Paper Spindle allows you to record your own special message to all throne room visitors. And then record a new one for the next time they come over for something you made with fish sauce in it.

The Talking Toilet Paper recording device is built into the spindle; turn on the unit, press the record button, and give your guests up to 6 seconds of your best bathroom etiquette reminders, or diarrhea sounds. The spindle senses its own rotational movement, and automatically plays back the message when someone grabs for the toilet paper.

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