Slothzilla Shower Curtain

By: on April 12, 2014
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So...I guess Slothzilla sounded better than King Sloth or Sloth Kong? Or maybe it's creators were just taking a page out of sloth the animal's own book and being lazy about fact checking their re-imaginations of iconic cinematic beasts. True, Godzilla attacked cities, destroyed buildings, and annihilated everything in his path--he was, after all, conceived as an allegory for the WWII-era United State--but it was definitely the big lumbering gorilla that made a name for himself scaling the Empire State Building.

No matter, though. This "Slothzilla" shower curtain is still kinda cool, and does not have "Slothzilla" written out loud or anything anywhere on it, so your credibility should still be safe should you decide to purchase a representation of the laziest, most innocuous attack ever.

Or perhaps you're more into sexy sloths working the pole. If so, you can acquire Sharp Shirter's Stripper Sloth shower curtain here.

Both sloth-decorated shower curtains measure 70.8" x 72" and include 12 plastic hooks.

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Godzilla Humidifier

Godzilla and his hot, humidifying breath are coming for you! You and your flu season and your flaky skin and your dried-out sinus passageways! Arid climates can run and winter chills can hide, but none shall escape the...

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Gardenzilla - Rampaging Kaiju Garden Gnome

$34.99 from Amazon »

Praying mantises and ladybugs are heralded for their ability to rid gardens of many common pests, but in my experience they're utterly useless when it comes to eradicating the front yard of smug, chubby, razor-phobic...

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Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain

$24.99 from ThinkGeek »

Welp, depending on who's in the shower, Han Solo might not mind that he's now stuck in both Carbonite and a shower curtain. I mean, I'm sure he's gotten pretty sick of looking at naked Leia over the past 30 years, but...

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Sloth Rings

Sold Out from Etsy »

My mama says this sloth ring reminds her of me, and although I'm not exactly sure what that means, based on my extensive knowledge of the movie Seven, which I discussed at great length over beers with an abnormally high...

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Sloth Tea Infuser

$7.09 from Amazon »

Uh oh. Mr. Sloth dozed off with his ass hanging in a cup of boiling water. And, mmmm, in contrast to skunk ass, sloth ass smells amazing. Like peachberry jasmine sutra. Or is that tranquil strawberry dream?...

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Nosferatu Shower Curtain

$73 from Etsy »

The makers of this shower curtain depicting a shadowy Nosferatu ascending the stairs to drain your blood and leave you a dead and dried-out heap of sunken flesh...or maybe turn you into a vampire like himself if you're...

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Wanted Shower Curtain

Sold Out from Amazon »

This opaque white curtain will make your unsuspecting guests crap in their pants when they walk into your bathroom to crap in your toilet. Possible side effects may include... a stroke, heart attack and worst of all...

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YouTube Shower Curtain

$49.99 from Amazon »

Today I will perform for the millions clicking on my YouTube shower curtain a rendition of Mr. Big's "To Be With You" as I lather my hair, followed by a standup routine about how I don't eat bivalves or things that taste...

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Catzilla Sweatshirt

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Catzilla sweatshirt's manufacturer got me all hyped naming their bitchin' piece of runway domination the "Catzilla sweatshirt," but then pulled a Ben Stiller movie and stunk it up on the garment's description: "Sweatshirt...

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Sloth Mask From The Goonies

$29.99 from Amazon »

Baby Ruth? Hey you guuuuuyyyysss!!!!!! Mama, you've been bad. Oh, Slothy. I may have been bad. I may have kept you chained up in that room but it was for your own good....