Shower Surfer Neoprene Bath Caddy

Posted: March 13, 2015
ShowerSurfer Neoprene Bath Caddy

Know what your shampoo needs? A wetsuit. The Shower Surfer is a neoprene shower and bath caddy that secures implements of hygiene without: 1) falling off your shower head pipe and smashing your foot; 2) rusting; and 3) looking all ugly and metal.

Soft and flexible, the Shower Surfer has a rubber-lined opening at its top that grips the pipe of a shower head and secures via super-strong velcro. Along its front surface are 4 cubby pockets for toiletries and a bottom row of straps and hooks for razors, toothbrushes, and those puffy loofah things I so very much my mama so very much loves. Cubby pockets are large enough to hold 2 x 32-ounce bottles and 2 x 18-ounce bottles.

The Shower Surfer comes in 5 colors: gray; blue; pink; Hawaiian; and Camo. Each caddy is made in the USA.

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