Polaroll - Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder

Posted: November 02, 2013
Polaroll - Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder

Shake it, shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture. Guess what! The next time you have to do that because you get a pesky dingle berry whilst sitting on the toilet, the Polaroll toilet paper holder will be there to provide a visual complement and moral support. If you're lucky, it will also snap some photos of your pinch-and-jiggle efforts and automatically upload them to Instagram.

I joke. Polaroll is an instant toilet paper dispenser, no more, no less. Present it as a gift to Mom or Dad, though, to give their bathroom a spiffy, retro look, and possibly remind them of the days when receiving an item to hold bodily waste tissue wasn't the highlight of their week.

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