Polaroll - Polaroid Toilet Paper Holder

By: on November 02, 2013
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Shake it, shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture. Guess what! The next time you have to do that because you get a pesky dingle berry whilst sitting on the toilet, the Polaroll toilet paper holder will be there to provide a visual complement and moral support. If you're lucky, it will also snap some photos of your pinch-and-jiggle efforts and automatically upload them to Instagram.

I joke. Polaroll is an instant toilet paper dispenser, no more, no less. Present it as a gift to Mom or Dad, though, to give their bathroom a spiffy, retro look, and possibly remind them of the days when receiving an item to hold bodily waste tissue wasn't the highlight of their week.

0 Prynt Pocket - Instant Photo Printer for iPhone
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Prynt Pocket - Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

$149.99 from Amazon »

Prynt Pocket gives your iPhone the power of Polaroid, plus a little bit more, with options to print directly from Instagram, add finishing and augmented reality flourishes to your photos, and make snapshot hard copies...

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PongTu Disposable Sticker Toilet Plunger

$12.88 from Amazon »

To truly get how the PongTu Disposable Sticker Toilet Plunger works, you've got to watch the video. Granted, it's not the best quality, and if you're like me you'll get a little caught up on, How many times is that dude...

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Iron Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

$22.99 from Amazon »

Got some Charmin t.p. or some Bounty p.t.'s you need held up long and proud? The Iron Dinosaur is at your service. Suitable for holding 2 ultra-plush double rolls of toilet paper or 1 super-absorbent cylinder of paper...

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Pixelstick Light Painting System

$300 from Kickstarter »

Sometimes it's humbling when you enter into the domain of professionals and hobbyists who do things that both blow your mind and make you feel like a complete jackass for your inability to understand how they accomplish...

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Glowing Toilet Paper

$11.36 from Amazon »

Who could use a radioactive mummy costume for Halloween? An exclamation point on your next toilet-tissue-themed prank? A beacon lighting the way to your Shit Box?...

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Polaroid CUBE+ 1440p Mini Camera

$99.99 from Amazon »

At just a little over 1 cubic inch in size, Polaroid describes their CUBE+ 1440p action camera as both the World's Cutest and the World's Funnest. So obviously it's for serious selfie-takers only....

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Odafree - Fecal & Gas Odor Pills

$15 from Odafree »

Odafree is an over-the-counter supplement ingested to combat odors associated with the excretion of feces and flatulence. Without the euphemisms? It's a daily pill that claims to remove the stench of hot death from shit...

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Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder

$15.99 from Amazon »

Amateur photographers, nostalgic Baby Boomers, lovers of the vintage, what better way to pay tribute to the pioneering Polaroid camera than a Polaroll for your tootsie rolls? The retro toilet paper holder even comes with...

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Polaroid Instant Print Camera

Sold Out from Amazon »

After that Outkast song came out about shaking it like a Polaroid picture, Polaroid had to issue an official press release advising its customers not to shake the photos at the risk of compromising their quality. Fun...

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Black Toilet Paper

Sold Out from Amazon »

This black toilet paper looks like the streamers my mama used to hang up in our kitchen for Halloween or when someone died. I hope the two don't feel similar tidying up my nether regions....

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Instaprint Photo Booth

$399 from Instaprint »

Instaprint is a location-based photo booth for printing hard copies of Instagrams. Combining the nostalgic spirit of Polaroids, with the 21st century technology of social media, Instaprint uses a microbial workforce and...

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Horror Novel Toilet Paper

$17.95 from Firebox.com »

Is this toilet paper scarier than shit? Only one way to find out: eat 4 Beef Chalupa Supremes at 10 p.m., and then settle in for The Drop when it...and nature...calls out to you around midnight....