NK Woodworking Wood Bathtubs

Posted: May 13, 2019
NK Woodworking Wood Bathtubs

I'm not just seeing wood, I'm feeling it looking at NK Woodworking's sublime bathtubs. Talk about bathing yourself in luxury. The custom-made tubs are shy about talking price, but I'm sure they fall within the sweet spot of my...No Way in Hell range. So, who wants to get me that overdue housewarming gift?

NK are the initials of designer and founder Nathie Katzoff, who claims to "live and breathe art, design, sawdust and creativity." NK Woodworking is based out of Seattle, WA and, in addition to this series of stunning wood bathtubs, creates staircases and other types of furniture-art as well.

The wooden baths are intended to be maintenance-free art pieces, stabilized, waterproofed, and splinter-free. (But I might still want one even if they weren't - a little sliver in your ass every now and then just reminds you you're alive!) The NK showroom and website feature 3 styles of their bathtubs: the oblong Lotus (above); the sharp-angled Cube; and the Round basin o' joy.

All 3 wood bathtubs pictured are made with walnut, but NK works with a range of sustainable domestic and exotic hardwoods, per customers' requests.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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