Iron Man Arc Reactor Soap

Posted: October 12, 2013
Iron Man Arc Reactor Soap

Your source of power. Your one chance to defeat the spreading evil of germs, grease, and Cheetos dust. Lesley Karpiuk of Geek Soap custom designed her Iron Man Arc Reactor soap mold, and hand makes each piece in a "sultry unisex black amber musk scent" ideal for obliterating both the smell and the stinging acidity of The Mandarin. Excellent. I mean, I like oranges and all, but after blowing through a few pounds of those easy-peel Cuties in one sitting, I'm about done inhaling the aromas of and subjecting my chewed-up cuticles to Florida's finest.

Arc Reactor soap comes in blue/black and Iron Man 2 red. Karpiuk recommends holding it against your chest in the shower to feel the ultimate combination of so fresh, so clean, and so badass.

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