Horror Novel Toilet Paper

By: on July 24, 2014
  • Horror Novel Toilet Paper
  • Horror Novel Toilet Paper
  • Horror Novel Toilet Paper
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Is this toilet paper scarier than shit? Only one way to find out: eat 4 Beef Chalupa Supremes at 10 p.m., and then settle in for The Drop when it...and nature...calls out to you around midnight.

The Drop is a horror novel spooled 'round a toilet paper roll. Written by author Koji Suzuki, also of Ring book series and feature film adaptation fame, the TP tale is set in a public restroom and springboards from an ancient Japanese belief that the most evil of spirits nest in a house's smallest room. You think that box of frozen corn dogs lured you into the john? Think again. And be prepared to learn a new application of the term "explosive diarrhea."

Toilet paper rolls of horror come in packs of 3, with the story repeated every 34" of 100% recycled tissue. Wait, what? 34" is long enough to be a novel now? That's a crock. I'd expect one round of The Drop to stretch across at least 12' of the bathroom floor and hallway when someone's cat gets ahold of it. On the upshot, if you do not enjoy the plot or the writing in his novel really short story, Suzuki welcomes you to use it to wipe your ass.

Horror novel toilet paper is a top Dude Novelty Gift and Gift for Halloween pick.

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