Guitar Pee - Musical Urinal

Posted: May 31, 2012
Guitar Pee - Musical Urinal

Ever had to take a leak so bad you could taste it? Well, thanks to Guitar Pee, you're about to have to take a leak so bad you could piss "Stairway to Heaven". A concept that falls somewhere between baffling and F'in rad, Guitar Pee is a Guitar Hero-esque urinal designed to golden shower the bathroom with six-string chords each time a liquid stream o' waste connects with one of its sensory pads. Even better, the device records every anthemic masterpiece of piss, and spits out a code upon flushing, so that each musical genius can retrieve and download his 22-second, 6-Bud-Light guitar solo via a mobile phone connection on guitarpee.com.

A guitar-urinal hybrid in appearance, Billboard Brasil's Guitar Pee also has an amp wall-mounted above the receptacle, both so that musical whizards can hear their notes as they strike, and to provide the digital code readout for mobile replay and downloading of the smash (doused?) hit MPEE3. Whether you're a mainstream pop ditty or latrine lullaby kind of guy, Guitar Pee will make sure your next trip to the head resonates in the heart...and hopefully doesn't ricochet off one of the buttons and squirt you in the eye.

Top Guitar Pee numbers:

  • "Jumpin' John Flash", Rolling Stones
  • "Yellow", Coldplay
  • "(It's in His Piss) Shoop Shoop Song", Betty Everett
  • "I'll Pee", Edwin McCain
  • "Piss the Rain", Billie Myers
  • And, for the curmudgeons out there, "I Don't Want to Piss a Thing", Aerosmith

I think we can all agree, now that we know How to Poo at Work, it's time to learn how to make sweet music when we pee.

Guitar Pee appears to be installed in random public restrooms, predominantly in South America. However, feel free to write to Billboard Brasil requesting the manufacture of residential models, or Starbucks and The Cheescake Factory, requesting some sort of nationwide US collaboration.

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