Flex Toilet Brush

Posted: May 22, 2019
Flex Toilet Brush
$17.99 - $29.99
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The Flex Toilet Brush would love for you to talk dirty to it. In fact, why stop at talking? Go ahead and show it some the nastiest smut you got. Then watch Flex dive right in to your nastiest nasty and go only Cirque-level contortionist on it.

From JosephJoseph, the Flex Toilet Brush improves upon the classic cylindrical toilet brush designs with a rounded arm, flat, D-shaped flexible head, and water-repellent bristles. The Flex can navigate all the curves and crevices of your throne bowl, including the under-ring around the trim. Its bristles cast off water quickly so there's less dripping between the transfer from toilet to storage stand, and the wide spacing between the bristles facilitates an easy rinsing of what JosephJoseph calls "dirt," but what I assume is really mildew and poo.

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