Bathroom Guest Book

Posted: September 24, 2019
Bathroom Guest Book
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Let me get this straight: every page of The Bathroom Guest Book contains a long-ass form for users to fill out, but not one of the questions is, "What did you do in here? Please check all that apply: #1; #2; Both; Quick, 3-minute toilet nap; Handjob - Self-administered; Handjob - Recipient; Handjob - giver; Full-on Sexy Time..." OK, I still think that question should be there, but maybe as a fill-in-the-blank rather than a multiple choice.

The Bathroom Guest Book is the perfect housewarming gift for new homeowners who want to look back on their first year in their place, remembering who visited them and who clogged the toilet, even though they cross-stitched a sweet "Delicate Plumbing" sign to hang alongside it.

The book has space for 112 guests' input on topics such as "Your favorite names for this type of room," (powder room, potty, can, crapper, etc.) and a "Rate your experience" section with 5 different categories (seat comfort, user-friendliness, cell / wifi reception, etc.)

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