Wooden Palette Drink Coasters

By: on December 02, 2011
Wooden Palette Drink Coasters
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That special forklift operator in your life is gonna flip when he unwraps this set of 5 weather-beaten pallet coasters! They're an exact Mini Me to the standard industrial euro pallet, replete with quality stamps and countless opportunities to get a splinter. Made in Spain, not China, so they'll smoke like chimneys and gouge your eyes out if you change the channel from Formula 1 to basketball, but at least they won't give you the bird flu. Note: Not to insult the Spaniards, given their propensity to eye-gouge, but the name of this product is "Palette-It". A palette is the thing Bob Ross puts his paint on. A pallet is the hunk of wood used to store and transport heavy shit.