Wine Barrel Bottle Tower

Posted: November 26, 2012
Wine Barrel Bottle Tower

From barrel to bottle...and back to barrel again. Jonathan January's Reclaimed Barrel Wine Towers even make bottles of Two Buck Chuck look hip and spiffy and like a product that came from actual grapes! The hovering oeno-presentation extends from the stave of a repurposed French wine barrel, and grasps up to five bottles 'round the neck in its neatly drilled holes. Mounting can be done directly over drywall--no stud location necessary--and included decorative mounting screws match the buyer's choice of a matte black or matte raw steel bracket. The tower measures 40" from end to end.

Apparently, storing wine bottles horizontally doesn't just look cool, it serves the purpose of maintaining cork-wine contact, and eliminates the potential for wine oxygenation from the layer of air that would otherwise rest between them. So put that one in your back pocket for the next time you need to pull something out of it for use in impressing a hot chick who also seems to be somewhat intelligent. And here's another one: the acid in white wine breaks down the fat in cheese and other dairy...and presumably other fatty...products. That means drinking white wine with Edam and Brie and Velveeta will preclude your feeling (looking/sounding/smelling) like a bloated fart machine 30 minutes later when you're regaling the hot, somewhat intelligent chick with your wine savviness.

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