Whiskey Bones - T-Rex Skull Chilling Stones

Posted: January 17, 2017
Whiskey Bones - Hand Carved Granite T-Rex Skulls
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Chill your whiskey to the bone, and be the envy of all at the next paleo* party with this pair of T-Rex skull liquor stones. The artistes at Apollo Box hand carve the chillers from granite, which they say remains odorless and tasteless during use. So all adding T-Rex to your whiskey will do is make it cooler. Exponentially. In every way.

T-Rex skulls take kindly to scotch and bourbon as well as whiskey. For best results, leave the Whiskey Bones in the freezer overnight prior to use, and add them singly to 2-ounce pours.

That's paleontologist. T-Rex Whiskey Bones are Ross Geller-approved!

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