Vinotemp Shot Chiller

Posted: November 07, 2013
Vinotemp Shot Chiller

I used to be secretly jealous of those incubators that pop out icy cold shots of Jagermeister. Then they all got replaced by incubators that pop out icy cold shots of Fireball. So now I'm jealous of Fireball chillers. At least until my 3- to 5-day shipping window elapses and I have my very own Vinotemp Shot Chiller, constructed and fine tuned to serve up the liquor of my choice at a Minnesota-wintery 5 degrees F. It even has an LED illumination feature to give inserted bottles an enticing glow that, like the song of the siren, cannot be resisted by anyone in its breadth.

On that note, I think the shot chiller should come with an optional coin/bill operation slot that I can activate when I have a party or my friend Cornelius comes over to drown his sorrows because his girlfriend stormed off calling him a murderous bastard when she caught him sneaking bacon crumbles into his quinoa & seitan salad.

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