Ullo Sulfite Remover & Wine Aerator

By: on January 24, 2017
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But Ullo, the best part about a night of free-flowing bottles of cheap red wine is the cranial eruption I feel building in my sinuses the next morning! Why would I want to filter out the sulfites responsible for it*?

Part wine aerator, part chemical filter, the Ullo Purifier sits over a wine glass or decanter and, as you pour your cab through it, claims to "instantly restore the natural taste." Ullo uses Selective Sulfite Capture technology--essentially a disposable filter--to remove sediments and free sulfites, the latter typically added to some wines as a preservative.

In addition to the physical effects some feel consuming sulfites, Ullo says its proprietary polymer construction filters away their bitter taste to the benefit of everyone. Combined with the aeration effect, you should be able to drink pure wine that tastes like it has already "breathed" right after you open it.

Ullo Purifier filters are good for just 1 x 750mL bottle of wine. The package here includes 4 of them, but you'll have to buy more once they're spent.

*Some people swear the sulfites in wine cause them hangovers, headaches, and other ill effects, but research suggests this is only true if you have an allergy or sensitivity to the additives (which are also in dried fruit, so if that doesn't affect you poorly, the sulfites in wine probably won't either.) WebMD notes the FDA estimates about 1 in 100 people are affected by added sulfites.

A pharmacist once told me a more likely reason wine caused my rippin' headache is that it, and all alcohol, has a dehydrating effect on the body, and also swells the sinus cavities. So fluids flowing through and hanging out in there get thick and sticky from a lack of hydration, and then when their channels start to Michelin Man up, the effect can be one of searing pain from eyeballs to occipital lobe.

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Tapped Faucet Wine Aerator & Stopper

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