STACT Modular Wine Wall

Posted: April 02, 2013
STACT Modular Wine Wall
$129.99 - $149.99
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Any wall-mounted apparatus that holds the juice of the gods and resembles the Pachinko game from The Price Is Right earns high marks on my scrutinizing scorecard of things I encounter in life. Fabricated from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum pegs and premium wood veneer backings, STACT modules combine in myriad shapes and a brimming handful of stains and colors to turn walls into works of art that also happen to support Dionysian tendencies.

STACT's concept and design were developed under the tutelage of founder Jamie Kasza and ICFF award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer. The 11 3/8" x 14 5/16" rectangles cater to our basic human inclinations to: buy more stuff; find a place to put it; and convince others that we're rich and classy and someone to be reckoned with. Individual STACT panels store and display 9 standard-sized wine bottles, placing the numerical possibilities for larger STACT installations right in line with the approximate quantity of wine I consume each month.

In addition to flexing artistic flair in selecting and arranging the modules, STACT owners can further highlight their talents with creative placement of the wine bottles themselves. Like, I'll probably make mine into the shadowed 3/4 profile of a ninja or, barring the skill to do that, a smiley face.

STACT orders include all necessary mounting hardware. Assembly and hanging require a power drill, 3/8" drill bit, Phillips screwdriver, and a level.

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