Skybar Wine Chill Drops

Posted: August 12, 2015
Skybar Wine Chill Drops
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I'm not that into wine, but my girlfriend, She-Ra: Princess of Power, is. And since these Wine Chill Drops look kind of like tobacco pipes, I think I could use them to regale her with my Albert Einstein and Frosty the Snowman impersonations as she uses them to get tipsy off Sauvignon Blanc adjusted to its ideal temperature of 45 to 50 degrees F, and then feels all giddy and happy and like treating me extra special later that night.

Skybar's Wine Chill Drops will drop a single glass of wine to its perfect serving temperature up to 20 times faster than a fridge can chill the whole bottle. Glasses of red chill to between 55 and 65 degrees F in 90 seconds or less, and whites to 45 to 50 in 8 minutes. The Drops' curvy, dark, polished stainless steel design keeps them from ugging up your dinner table too.

To use, make sure the Wine Chill Drops have been in your freezer for at least 3 hours prior, and place one in each glass before pouring the wine. They are sized to fit Champagne glasses as well. After chilling is complete, the included Chill Drop holders will protect tablecloths and countertops from stains and wine messes. But it's up to you to protect them from your own drunken coordination lapses.

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