Shot Glass Crawler

Posted: November 21, 2013
Shot Glass Crawler

A bird in the hand is worth...nowhere near as much to me as a shot of Fireball in the hand. Birds are dirty and carry avian flu and salmonella. Even some of the cooked ones. Ahem, chicken. But hands. Hands are the poster child of...well, of germs and disease too. But this crawling hand shot glass looks neat and is also made from food-safe ceramic, so it probably won't give me any illnesses, bird- or human-transmitted.

Like the Bleeding Hand candle, the crawling hand shot glass was crafted in the image of a hand. And while it does not melt, it could probably simulate bleeding similar to the candle if filled with After Shock. The pictured Crawler comes in 5 different colored finishes, and holds 0.6 ounces of fine and potent liquids. 1.5- and 2-ounce versions are also available for proportionate price increases.

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