Sea Monster Wine Decanter

Posted: December 21, 2016
Sea Monster Wine Decanter
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Like big Cabs and Chianti ? So does Nessie. And good luck getting her to part with it, even in wine decanter form. Her mouth-blown crystal body with its...uh...erratically undulating?...neck and tail will sure make for a unique centerpiece at your New Year's Eve party or next Creatures of the Sea Game Night though.

Hanzeek's Sea Monster Wine Decanter as a 33-ounce / 1000mL capacity for aerating your fine (and cheap) reds. You could probably also just fill its belly with marbles or pebbles or balled up Hershey's Kisses wrappers, or some other decorative object and leave it on permanent Lovecraftian display. Since the artisans who make the decanter do it completely by hand / mouth, no two are exactly alike, and some may have tiny air bubbles in the glass, which Hanzeek says is normal and unavoidable.

The Sea Monster decanter stands 13" tall.

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