Rocks on the Outside Whiskey Glass Set

Posted: November 06, 2019
Rocks on the Outside Whiskey Glass Set
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Like your whiskey on the rocks? How about in the rocks too, with this Iceberg rocks glass set that. The tumblers feature a jagged geometric outer design that makes it look like your cubes are encircling it, or maybe trying to bust out from the inside. It's a funky effect that still manages to look like sophisticated barware, and could go over well as a gift for a man who likes his spirits and cocktails this holiday season.

If you really like him, let him unwrap the Iceberg glass set a few days before Thanksgiving. After all, it's the days leading up to Christmas when all the real partying happens, and when the stress of shopping and interacting with various crazies - strangers, friends, and relatives alike - drives our need for a drink.

The rocky rocks glasses come in a set of 4, packaged in a gift box. They are made of lead-free crystal.

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