Revolution Sideways Wine Glasses

Posted: February 21, 2017
Revolution Sideways Wine Glasses

What's nice about the Revolution wine glass being turned on its side is that it makes it easy for someone else to hold the stem and feed me more wine, or whiskey, when I'm too incapacitated to do it myself. Oh no wait...

...that's what's terrible about it.

The Revolution argues it deserves its self-aggrandizing name because Czech artist Martin Jakobsen's horizontal redesign makes pouring into and drinking from the glass easier. I guess I can see the pouring point, but not sure about the drinking. In the photo of dudes holding their Revolutions it looks like it would be mighty easy for that red wine to slosh right out over the lip at the slightest bump. The same goes for when a full Revolution glass is sitting on the table, though retailer Generate points out that at least with the stem sticking out like Pinocchio's nose (or the world's longest nipple, heehee!) the likelihood of knocking a glass over is all but eliminated.

Revolution glasses can also make unique and elegant serving dishes for ice cream and other desserts, as well as unique and elegant gifts for ladies you need unique and elegant gifts for. The listing here includes 2 glasses.

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