Poker Chip Whiskey Glass

Posted: October 28, 2018
Casino Chip Whiskey Glass
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A whiskey glass embedded with a poker chip. Hmmm. Looks like a clue the Wolfpack would find the next morning in The Hangover. Maybe Warner Bros. will strike a deal with the tumbler's creator, Stuck in Glass, for the next film in the series. What are we on now, Part VIII, Part IX?

Like the BenShot Bullet Shot Glass, The Original Whiskey Glass Embedded with a Casino Chip (yep, I think that's its official name) takes your average glass liquor tipper-backer and melts one of its walls around a pop culture object all the cool kids are down with. Here, you can choose between a black and a red poker chip in your 10-ounce tumbler.

I'll bet all my chips the Original Whiskey Glass Embedded with a Casino Chip will be one of the top gifts for men this holiday season.

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