Molecular Mixology Kit

Posted: July 12, 2013
Molecular Mixology Kit
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The Molecular Mixology Kit introduces the geekiest, eggheadiest, most anal (well, except for those vodka-soaked suppositories...) means of getting drunk yet: by way of deconstructive food science. Geez, can someone just pass me a can of Natty Ice? Thank y...oh. Uh, so what's that ice blue shaving cream cloud-looking thing on top of your drink? Is it foamy or gelatinous? What does it taste like? What kind of...well maybe I should. Just, here, hold my beer for a sec.

Mmmmmm. It tastes like kisses from Queen Frostine.

Dammit. The geeks win every time.

Eschewing boring old bartender ploys of inebriating thirsty patrons by merely tossing together alcohol and some juice, the Molecular Mixology Kit breaks cocktails down to their unique chemical properties and combines them with palate-tingling textures and presentations. With 5 pre-measured, science-y food additives, a few specialized molecular tools, and a how-to DVD containing 30 different recipes, adventurous drinkers can attempt to blow minds and taste buds with molecular takes on classic drinks.

Mojitos get stuffed inside large bubbles that explode in the mouth. Martinis arrive in visible layers that can be bitten. And tequila shots are topped with foamed lime that bypasses the wince, bite, squirt juice everywhere, and wince again routine.

The Molecular Mixology Kit contains 10 sachets each of the following food additives: cold soluble gelatin; calcium lactate; sodium alginate; xanthan gum; and soy lecithin.

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