Mixology Dice

Posted: September 21, 2017
Mixology Dice

Mixology Dice add a lemon twist to the traditional drinking game format. Rather than telling you when, these cocktail rollers tell you what to drink.

Within the set of 8 Mixology Dice, over 1.5 million cocktail possibilities await, ready to be thrown down, and then back. An included instruction booklet gives tips on which dice to roll together to get lucky with specific types of drinks, plus what ratios of the ingredients you roll to use, and how to mix, muddle, and shake them.

Die 1 is you liquor. It contains rum, tequila, gin, vodka, whiskey, and brandy. Die 2 is your sugar, 3 liqueur, 4 citrus, 5 fruit, 6 herb, 7 spice, and 8 bitters.

Artisan vendor Two Tumbleweeds carves their Mixology Dice out of birch wood. They laser-engrave each die, rotating the sides and swapping them out by hand 48 times to produce each set. Dice measure about 3/4", which is a little bigger than regular dice. The listing here packs the set in a cotton drawstring pouch. You can also get the Mixology Dice in a tumbler.

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