Mighty Mug Barware - Glasses That Won't Fall Over

Posted: September 30, 2015
$30 - $180
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Your coffee is already Mighty, but how about your beer, wine, and gin & tonic? The makers of Mighty Mug, the Mug That Won't Fall Over are expanding their line to barware with a collection of 4 familiar glasses with the very unfamiliar power of resisting bumps, quakes, and drunken smacks to stay upright and accident-proof at all times. Even when those around them can't.

The Mighty Mug Barware expansion includes surface-gripping-bottomed pint, wine, double old fashioned, and pilsner glasses. All are made of clear, BPA-free Tritan plastic that is unbreakable in combination with the glasses' untippable SmartGrip tech.

As a refresher, the Mighty Mug team's patented SmartGrip Technology is their guarantee that the occasional perturbances accompanying liquid consumption will no longer send your booze flying. Check out a GIF of the original Mighty Mug travel cup here. SmartGrip suction isn't a suction cup, but a swell system that creates an airlock powerful enough to resist lateral force and prevent spills from 360 degrees. Even better news for thirsty boys and girls is that its pressure instantly normalizes when upward force is applied. The airlock lifts easily, so you can pick up and put down your pint of IPA or glass of Cab just as you would if you'd poured it in a traditional (but unMighty!) container.

Mighty Mug Barware is available to Kickstarter backers in anything from 2-packs up to mix-and-match party sets through October 18, 2015.

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