HopBox Home-Brew Kit

Posted: June 12, 2014
Hopbox Home-Brew Kit
$139 - $269
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Fresh pine, fresh beer, fresh out of bed. HopBox home-brew kits say it's not just a dream. Their chem lab-looking assemblies, each with a base built from rustic pine, serve to brew between 1 and 3 gallons of small batch beer from a space as small as the countertop of your 500-square-foot studio.

HopBox sells all components and ingredients necessary even for novices (i.e., strapping and charming men like me whose knowledge of beer is regrettably inversely proportional to the quantity they drink) to brew 25 different kinds of beer in a classic style, and with a gnarly, rustic kit setup that is sure to garner many approving Duuuuudes from their friends. HopBox measure to mix to chug time is about 3 weeks.

The smallest HopBox home-brew kit brews 1 gallon of crafty beer. Its pine box measures 9" wide x 20" long, and contains a side drawer for accessory storage. This kit ferments 8 to 10, 12-ounce pours. Parts include:

  • HopBox 1-gallon base, handcrafted from rustic pine
  • 1 x 1-gallon glass fermenter
  • Triple-scale hydrometer with test jar (and stand) for measuring alcohol content
  • Auto-siphon for beer transfer between vessels
  • 2" Stainless steel funnel
  • Drilled rubber stopper
  • Double-bubble plastic airlock
  • Laboratory thermometer
  • Miscellaneous glass jar (for priming sugar, sanitizer, etc.)
  • 4' length of 3/8" tubing for siphoning beer
  • Recipe Book with 25+ recipes
  • Brewers' log
  • Full set of instructions

At printing, HopBox was accepting pre-sale orders, with delivery beginning in August 2014. In addition to HopBox home-brew kits, the company also sells beer recipe kits, including all the ingredients need to HopBrew amber ale, chocolate oatmeal stout, citra IPA, an Irish red.

The HopBox Home-Brew Kit is a top Dude Gift for a Man and Gift for Dad pick.

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