Handmade Slanted Bar Glass

Posted: June 25, 2017
Handmade Slanted Bar Glass

Calling the Slanted Bar Glass "handmade" isn't quite right. More accurately, it's lung-blown. The lungs doing all the blowing are those of Ben Dombey, a New Orleans glassblower who creates fine artisan bar glasses to complement the fine art of drinking.

A hefty whiskey tumbler tilted to 45 degrees, Glassblower Ben's Slanted Bar Glass holds 8 ounces of liquid gold in your hand, and 6 ounces set on the bar. Or 8 ounces set on your Kilimanjaro ascent. Or on the slide at the playground when you get suckered into babysitting your future sister-in-law's kids on your Sunday afternoon.

Dombey can also hand-stamp the bottom of Slanted Bar Glasses with stock designs such as a crown, a skull, or a fleur de lis, or with custom design and text of your choosing.

Slanted Dombey Bar Glasses are sold in sets of 2, and would make a gift for any man. Scratch that. Any many strong enough to pick the glass up and hold it steady, without dropping or pooching it trying to set it back down properly, even after the fourth drink. Yes, the Slanted Bar Glass is unique and stunning, but at 1-1/2 pounds, it's also damn heavy.

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