Giant Crystal Glass Brandy Snifters

Posted: April 09, 2020
Giant Crystal Glass Brandy Snifters
$31.90 - $119
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Nothing does the Remy Martin XO justice like a giant crystal glass brandy snifter that can hold a whole bottle of it. Several bottles of the red-gold liquor when you go with a 12000mL version of the stemware, but that seems borderline tacky, no?

If you dudes are anything like this dude, you've been adding to, and then getting into, your liquor stash on a nightly basis these days. And while drinking from a supersized snifter may have once seemed silly, excessive, even desperate...ain't no such thing anymore! I need some variety, a way to shake things up*, and I think one of these giant brandy snifters is the exact right enhancement to my current uniform of pressed button-up (for video conferences) and mesh running shorts, and current favorite activity, watching Tiger King and Schitt's Creek on Netflix.

This listing for the giant crystal glass brandy snifters has availability in 2000mL and 12000mL sizes.

*Speaking of supersized shaking, mixologists might also like to add the Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker to their home bar product collection.

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