Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters

By: on December 20, 2011
Dexter Blood Spattered Coasters
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I have to admit, I don't watch Dexter. But, I know he's a serial killer by day and a funeral home director by night. Wait... maybe I have that reversed and confused. It's Michael Anthony Hall at least right? Wait... Uh, maybe someone else should write this one.

One thing is certain, mixing fake blood with your drink is always a good idea. It makes you glad you're not drinking the blood every time you take a sip. What better way to make your drink taste better than to be able to stare at what you don't have to drink? And glass coasters seem like a great idea. Setting glass on glass is always a great thing. You can just set your glass down as hard as you please and not worry.

I guess these are mainly for fans of Dexter.