Das Horn Drinking Chalice

Posted: November 16, 2012
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Boy do I miss the days of my youth. The days of emerging victorious from head-butting battles with rhinoceroses, claiming their horns as trophies, and, after gnawing out the marrow inside, filling them with a thick black stout for consumption with my lady friends (yeah, that's plural) by the fire. Anymore, life is all about pussyfooting around and drinking translucent brews served in amateur, 16-ounce flat-bottomed glassware. Unless, that is, David Segall and Alex Chatham are successful in their quest to produce Das Horn. The ultimate drinking chalice, Das Horn marries the formidable grandness of a horned beast's, uh, horn with the sleek design and sturdy material composition of a drinking vessel that doesn't look like a dollar-store tchotchke*.

Das Horn first mans up pint-sized beer-bringers with its 24-ounce capacity, and then outclasses them with its smooth ivory curves and stainless steel rim. Also, unlike whatever you fill it with, there is no chance Das Horn will kill you, as it is certified food and beverage safe, with a BPA-free body.

Segall and Chatham's Das Horn Drinking Chalice Kickstarter project runs until December 12, 2012, with remaining funding levels for horn (and hands-free neck strap!) acquisition starting at $35. Backers pledging more to support this modern day reintroduction of bacchanalian antiquity can increase their rewards to include a "Horn Dog" T-Shirt and a Das Horn rim laser-etched with choice of name or message. Anticipated product delivery date is February 2013.

*Tchotchke is my new favorite word, and one which I will be using rampantly, unabashedly, and probably only sometimes where merited and sensical henceforth.

November 2013 Update: The Das Horn Drinking Chalice exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through Amazon--follow the link below.

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