Coravin 1000 Wine Siphoning System

By: on December 08, 2015
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Wine thieves rejoice! No longer must you risk getting caught stealing the whole bottle. Just insert the Coravin 1000 Wine System into any fine old red or white with a natural cork and siphon out the goods of a good year without removing or disrupting the cork, or even leaving more than a pin prick behind in its foil. Think of the international oeno-heists you'll mastermind! Think of...what's that? Oh. I guess the Coravin 1000 is meant for wine owners and collectors to use themselves. It's a tool for pouring out a glass, or even just a taste, from a bottle of wine without pulling the cork. Whatever remains in the bottle post-Coravin remains just as preserved as it was before, so you don't have to commit to drinking all 750mL of vino at once. Wine lovers will appreciate this option to taste, but not down:

  • Wines they've been cellaring for years.
  • A bottle they want just one glass from with breakfast.
  • Multiple bottles they want small pours from for more precise food pairings.
  • Wines they've been given as gifts so they know which ones to re-gift.

The Coravin 1000 apparatus looks like a fancy bottle opener, but functions more like an oil well. Actually, it kind of looks like an oil well too. The system fits around a wine bottle's neck and lowers a thin, hollow needle through its cork. It then pressurizes the bottle with argon (cartridges that insert into the Coravin body) which forces the wine to stream upward through the needle and out a pour spout into your glass. Once pouring is complete, remove the needle and the cork will reseal itself.

Note that the Coravin 1000 System works best with natural cork closures, such as agglomerated or multi-piece natural corks. It will penetrate and siphon from synthetic corks too, but these probably won't be able to reseal themselves as well. Some oxidation will occur, and if bottles are re-stored on their side, they might leak.

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Stormtrooper Whiskey Decanter & Shot Glass

$14.61 - $26.79 from The Fowndry »

A stormtrooper who's packing nothing but Jameson and a Buttery Nipple is my kind of stormtrooper. I bet in whiskey decanter and suspended glass forms they're even a decent shot. At least until round 7 or 8 when your own...

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Liquor Log Booze Dispenser

$119 from Amazon »

Now this is the kind of Yule Log I'm talking about. How better to bring good tidings to you and all of your kin than with a nice bottle of Jameson or Jack chug-a-lugging out the tap on an urban harvested Ohio hardwood...

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Outer Space Vodka

$5.99 - $29.99 from Outer Space Vodka »

What's scarier than this freak parade of masks on Halloween night? The head-splitting, toilet-hugging hangover we're all going to have Sunday morning. Especially with 1) Daylight Saving Time ending at 2 a.m., giving everyone...

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Igloo Party Bar Cooler with LiddUp Lighting

$154.37 from Amazon »

The Igloo Party Bar Cooler keeps the party lit up all night long courtesy of LiddUp technology. About 4 years ago, startup LiddUp sought crowdfunding for its own illuminated cooler. The campaign didn't quite hit its goal...

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Bar Bones Skull Drink Markers

$14.77 from Amazon »

Enough with the drink charms shaped like hearts and kitty cats. I need a sinister skull to mind my glass of rose bubbles. Uh, I mean, whiskey. Neat....

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Vapshot Vaporized Alcohol System

$1,299 from Vapshot »

The Vapshot Mini Home System is a countertop liquor vaporizer. It looks kinda like an air pump at the gas station. It acts kinda like one too. Except instead of pumping on a hose to inflate your Goodyears, you'll suck...

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Stainless Steel Alcohol / Moonshine Still

Sold Out from Amazon »

Items like the 10-gallon whiskey still and this stainless steel alcohol / moonshine still prove that making booze at home can be fun and worthwhile even when liquor is legal! According to TableTop Still, their DIY spirits...

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Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

$679 from AHA »

Some call it the can that won WWII. Even though the Germans created the Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister, American and British forces quickly copied the design and used it for the efficient storage and safe transport of fuel...

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Ship in a Bottle Whiskey Decanter & Dispenser

$99 from Amazon »

I don't care how they got this ship in the bottle as long as I know how to get the booze it's sailing through out. A wood base handcrafted in Kentucky serves as a classy pedestal to the mounted glass whiskey decanter...

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BenShot Bullet Shot Glass

Sold Out from Amazon »

Shot through the glass / And you're to blame / Guess I'm lucky you / Got bad aim (bad aim)....

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10 Gallon Whiskey Still

$665 from Amazon »

As I mentioned during my show-and-tell of the Black & Tan tool, I prefer whiskey to beer. Lots and lots of whiskey. Four gallons ought to do it. So someone pass me a 10-gallon whiskey still, a bag of distiller's yeast...

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Keter Cool Bar - Outdoor Table & Cooler

$81.68 from Amazon »

I don't have a lot of space for outdoor furniture, so I like the double duty Keter's Cool Bar has agreed to pull for me. Part side table, part - surprise! - cooler, and it doesn't even look big and clunky, or like an...