Carry On Cocktail Kits

Posted: February 01, 2018
Carry On Cocktail Kits
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Something about getting on a plane makes me crave an overpriced cocktail. Particularly a Bloody Mary. I don't know if it starts with the ridiculous pre-line that forms to get into line to get on the plane at the gate or it's further along the bottleneck that is airplane travel. The rush for carry on space, the screaming children, the uncomfortable seats, the ambiguous in-flight rigamorole routine the flight-attendants go through or the person that reclines their seat into my head as it rests on the uncleaned meal tray. Maybe a combination.

I feel it's time though to take a stand against the airlines, who foster this inclination, then extort me for half a day's salary for this cure-all mixture of Mr. & Mrs. T and cheap vodka. Time to stick it to the man. I'm bringing my own shit.

Carry On Cocktails come in six iterations. The Bloody Mary, The Gin & Tonic (ew), The Moscow Mule, The Hot Toddy (God almighty who the hell are we? Flim flam, bim bam, Ole Miss goddamn), The Champagne Cocktail and The Old Fashioned. Not a bad lineup. Gin just seems like it is a tree like water that sucks the moisture out of my mouth, but whatever.

Each Carry On Cocktail comes with the appropriate liquor and mixer you'll need to make two drinks plus the drink appropriate accouterments. The Bloody Mary Kit for instance comes with a bar spoon, rimming salt (not how I would have phrased it) and 2 mini pickles. Reading that back it sounds salacious.

The listing here is for the full six pack of kits, but they are also individually available as listed above.

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