Bottle Cap Bar Stools

Posted: February 05, 2014
Bottle Cap Bar Stools
$90.61 - $98.88
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When the tops come off, the fun begins! That's what they say about these bottle cap bar stools, but I don't see much about the statement that has anything to do with bottle cap bar stools. Obviously I like it as it relates to actual bottles of beer and women's clothing. And snakes in nut cans I guess.

Officially licensed Coca-Cola and Miller Lite bottle cap bar stools have chrome bases and ABS seats hydraulically adjustable from 24" to 32-1/2" tall. Both also swivel 360 degrees for easier dismounts and smoother bodily repositioning when a hot girl enters your vicinity. Stool weight capacity is 250 pounds and seat diameter measures 15", so these caps can handle frames and asses of moderate, but not excessive, bulk and girth.

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