Aromatic Beer Glasses

Posted: October 21, 2016
Aromatic Beer Glasses
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I'm too lazy to climb mountains, but when I see one drowning in a fine Belgian Tripel I'm there like Cheetos dust on fingertips to pick it up and gulp it free.

Remember Matthew Cummings' Pretentious Beer Glasses? And his Dual Beer Glasses? The Knoxville artist also hand (mouth?) blows these nifty beer tumblers with rugged, abstract mountains ascending from their bases. Like snifters, the Aromatic Beer Glasses concentrate "the volatiles and aromatics of the beer to properly enhance the experience." Unlike snifters, they...have rugged, abstract mountains ascending from their bases. And they're made to highlight aromatic brews.

Recommended Aromatic Beer Glass pours include Belgians, Barleywine, American Black Ale, Double IPA, and Imperial Stout. Each glass holds 12 ounces, and the listing shown here includes a set of 4. For those in the market for a Man Gift, Cummings packages all of his glasses in a branded gift box with description card and recommended beer pairings.

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