Salvo 12 Commercial Shotgun Suppressor

By: on July 27, 2014
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I think most sportsmen would agree that hunting and skeet shooting are fun, but going deaf is not. And while earmuffs and plugs can assist with eardrum preservation, they can also inhibit the detection of other critical sounds. Like a soft-spoken black bear approaching from behind and saying, "Excuse me sir, but I'm about to take a large bite out of your torso." SilencerCo has responded to such threats and inconveniences with the Salvo 12, the market's first commercially-viable shotgun suppressor.

SilencerCo notes that while rifle and handgun suppressors are both widely available and rising in popularity, hearing protection for shotguns has to this point been limited. Modular in nature, the Salvo 12's removable sections not only fit most all commercial shotguns (choked barrel required), but also enable shooters to balance sound suppression, weight, and length according to their needs. The suppressor measures 12" at full length, and reduces firing noise to 137 dB at the muzzle; OSHA's hearing-safe level is set at 140 dB. It attaches to a weapon's existing choke threads via an adapter, the latter of which varies according to shotgun manufacturer and choke preference.

Salvo 12 reduction stats are as follows:

  • At 12.19" in length, weight: 32 ounces; dB at ear: 132: dB at muzzle: 137.9.
  • At 10.28" in length, weight: 27.5 ounces; dB at ear: 134.1: dB at muzzle: 141.1.
  • At 8.36" in length, weight: 23 ounces; dB at ear: 137: dB at muzzle: 145.1.
  • At 6.42" in length, weight: 18.5 ounces; dB at ear: 140.6: dB at muzzle: 149.2.
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