SALT Self-Defense Gun

By: on November 06, 2015
$299.99 - $349.99
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Lorenzo Maggiore already figured out how to A-Salt bugs in an effort keep our extermination of insects simple, clean, and green. Now we have a means of SALTing humans, this time in an effort to keep our defense against attackers simple, clean, and non-lethal. Non-lethal for the intruder, sure, but more importantly, non-lethal for those using (or stumbling upon) the SALT gun. Instead of bullets, SALT fires rounds filled with a powdered chemical that explodes upon contact, creating a cloud of blindness and lung constriction.

According to SALT, their gun's chemical compounds are more potent that those used by the Department of Homeland Security and the US Military. One active ingredient is oleoresin capsicum derived from ghost peppers. In addition to causing disorientation and breathing difficulty, SALT on the skin generates an intense burning sensation. However, the effects last 50 minutes at the most, so while it wouldn't be pleasant if you or your family were inadvertently exposed to SALT, you wouldn't suffer any permanent injuries (barring allergic reactions to the chemicals, I'd guess.)

SALT also replaces the black powder used in typical firearms with compressed air. That means no loud bang or kickback when you fire it, which makes the gun easier for more people to use. Further, since SALT bullets release a mass of protection, you don't have to be face-to-face with an intruder to use it. For example, if you hear someone trying to kick down a door or break through a window, shooting the area around the break-in will create a chemical barrier that takes down the intruder after you're out of harm's way. Additional SALT specs:

  • Chemical Response Time: Vision impairment, coughing, and burning set in within seconds. They gradually diminish over the next 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the exposure time and quantity).
  • Hang Time: SALT compounds are designed to hang in the air so they are easily inhaled and have maximal access to the eyes and skin.
  • Range: A single SALT round creates a 4' to 5' diameter cloud.
  • Impact: Rounds travel at 320 feet per second. An intact ball of SALT has the same kinetic energy as a 50mph fastball.
  • Chemical Safety: SALT says its chemical base has been deemed safe and effective by more than 5,000 agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the US Military, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
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