Rubber Band Machine Gun

By: on October 04, 2013
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In the grand spirit of rubber band guns--and according to Rubber Band Machine Gun creator XYZbot, there is indeed a grand spirit and subculture of rubber band guns in Japan--we present your favorite organization, binding, and sucker-snapping-in-the-back-of-the-head tool in fully automatic weapon form. Loadable with up to 64 rubber bands, the RBmG will blow its wad faster than a 16-year-old at the Playboy Mansion. And, also like the 16-year-old, you'll barely even have to touch it.

Almost a year ago, we showed you a crowdfunding campaign for a Multi-Action Rubber Band Shotgun. Its definitive success in that medium launched its production--also a success--and now has it for direct sale and purchase on Amazon. XYZbot hopes to follow suit with its own terrific--and battery-assisted--design. At the press of RBmG's trigger, the gun's powered motor revs to fire its ammo continuously until the shooter releases or hears his enemy's surrendering cry of, "Ow! My eye!" Though while we're on the subject of blindness, I should probably point out that XYZbot does not recommend the Rubber Band Machine Gun for children under 12, nor do they advocate firing it "at other living beings."

The RBmG arrives as a kit of laser cut wood parts so you will be able to apply the elbow grease you save during firing the gun to putting it together. Time between unboxing and popping the ever-loving aluminum alloys out of soda cans: 30 minutes.

November 2013 Update: The Rubber Band Machine Gun successfully earned Kickstater funding on October 31, 2013, and can now be purchased directly from XYZbot's online store (follow the link below).

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