Rebel 350 Compound Levering System Crossbow

Posted: March 31, 2015
Rebel 350 Compound Levering System Crossbow
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Targets and prey not included. However, Southern Crossbow's Rebel 350 does come with 4 field tip arrows capable for flying up to 350 FPS behind its 155-pound draw weight and 14.2" power stroke. In an effort to "integrate the features of a tactical weapons platform with the modern compound crossbow", the Rebel 350 also incorporates a compound levering system and quiet cams, plus an adjustable vertical grip to increase shooter stability and accuracy. Furthering the legitimacy of its "tactical" descriptor, this crossbow's composite stock is modeled after its sister weapons' so that the transition from gun to bow is more fluid and without a lengthy adjustment period.

Rebel 350 crossbow packages are stocked for shooting right out of the box, with a 4 x 32 crossbow scope, foot stirrup, quick detach quiver, sling, string wax, safety glasses, and the aforementioned arrows.

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