Otis Tactical Cleaning System

By: on April 26, 2014
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This Otis tactical pouch reminds me of that classic TV trope. A teenage boy awkwardly heads to the front door to pick up a teenage girl for their first date, and when he walks in the house there sits her dad. Cleaning his guns. I wonder what kind of rods and brushes Pops is using. I wonder if, in addition to knowing he is intimidating all 6 carne asada tacos the kid ate for lunch out of acne-addled Tommy, he knows that a dirty firearm can be the difference between success and a long walk balk. That's what Otis knows. Their portable tactical cleaning system comes in a 2-tiered soft zippered case stocked with the tools needed to clean all .17 to .50 rifles and pistols, 410 to 12/10 gauge shotguns, and all in-line muzzleloaders.

Tactical cleaning system contents include:

  • 6 bore cleaning brushes suitable for .22, .270, .30, .38, .45 cal. rifles and pistols, plus 12/10 gauge shotguns.
  • All-caliber cotton cleaning patches for weapons .270 caliber and larger, plus all in-line muzzleloaders.
  • Small caliber patches for .17 to .223 caliber guns.
  • 3 Memory-Flex cleaning rods with over 750-pound tensile strength.
  • 3 forged slotted brass tips.
  • T-handle for comfort.
  • 0.5-ounce tube of Otis O85 Ultra Bore cleaner, lubricant, and preservative.
  • Shotgun brush adapter and rubber Patch Savers to get 360-degree coverage within shotgun barrels.
  • Bore reflector/flag safety.

The lightweight softpack measures 4" x 4" x 2-1/2", and has a belt loop for carrying.

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Double Barrel Pistol

$4,400 - $4,950 from Arsenal Firearms »

The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol is a first on two counts. It's the first ever double barrel semiautomatic pistol manufactured for sale (not available yet, but on deck for Fall 2012). And, after getting a load of the...

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Grizzly 8.5" Magfed Shotgun

$411 from Canada Ammo »

No one has written a Wikipedia article on Dominion Arms' Grizzly 8.5 magfed shotgun yet, and no one has given me a Dominion Arms Grizzly 8.5 mag fed shotgun yet, so all I can really say about it is that from the very...

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Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle - Fully Functional

$1,999 from Bonanza »

You look at the replica M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens, its fully adjustable metal stock and removable magazine, and wonder, Is it real? It looks real. It's the right shape. It's...huge...definitely the right size. It moves...

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SALT Self-Defense Gun

$299.99 - $349.99 from Salt Supply »

Lorenzo Maggiore already figured out how to A-Salt bugs in an effort keep our extermination of insects simple, clean, and green. Now we have a means of SALTing humans, this time in an effort to keep our defense against...

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Triple Barrel Shotgun

$1,629 from Chiappa Firearms »

I don't know how to shoot a gun, or really even how to hold a gun without soiling my pants, but I bet if someone put one gun in my hands and another to my head and demanded I use the former to fire at a watermelon dangling...

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Super Shorty Shotgun

$705 from Serbu Firearms »

The Super Shorty Shotgun is based on a Mossberg Maverick 12-gauge, and, at an additional cost, is also available in models Mossberg 500, Remington 870, and Lil' Kim. Factory-fabricated with a pistol grip, the Super Shorty...

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Attack on Titan Super Hard Blade iPhone Case

$38.30 from Strapya World »

It's always interesting when and which Japanese manga and anime cross over into mainstream Western culture. Here it's even more interesting that a piece of Japanese manga/anime has crossed over into real life. And even...

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The TAC-SAC Rail Accessory

$39.99 from Tac Sac »

Last time me and my friend Cornelius played paintball he kept getting nailed and hiding and whining like a little goat until finally everyone was like, Dude, you need to grow a pair! And he was all, Dude! It's not me...

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S-76 Ampratite Plasma Pistol


Does depressing the S-76 Ampratite Plasma Pistol's spring steel trigger really release unstable and highly reactive Zephane gas for co-mingling with exposed Ampratite crystals, the consequences of which generate an intense...

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World's Smallest Pistol

$72 from Singulier »

Austrian company Gerhard Göbharter GmbH has been manufacturing the Berloque, World's (Probably) Smallest Pistol, in its infinite practicality and cuteness since 1905. Approximately 124 steps and 15 individual parts come...

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Femme Fatale Ring Gun

Ladies with a vendetta, or a penchant for jewelry that also serves as a weapon, I'm afraid you can't buy the Femme Fatale Ring Gun. (Unless the person who paid $11,350 for it at auction would be willing to sell it to...

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ZORE X Smart Gun Lock

$95 - $169 from ZORE »

A couple years ago we saw Armatix's attempt to smarten up gun safety with a system that pairs your firearm with a digital watch, allowing the former to shoot only when it is within range of the latter. ZORE has a different...