Minimalist Pocket Knife

Posted: October 16, 2013
Minimalist Pocket Knife
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When I need to cut line or slice through nylon...or, more likely, since I don't really do outdoor activities or know how to safely wield a knife, when I need to expediently cleave open the box containing my new copy of Hyrule Historia, I don't want nail files or clippers or screwdrivers clogging up the process and weighing down my hand. For simple, straightforward slashing tasks, I would prefer to use a Baladeo 34G.

As its name alludes, the Baladeo may be the lightest knife ever to enter your pocket. Its 420 stainless steel body weighs only 34 grams and folds, locking with a safety catch, down to 4.3". Blade length is also 4.3".

Baladeo recommends its 34G knife for hikers, hunters, sportsmen, cyclists, and globetrotters. Coincidentally, I just returned from a globetrotting adventure in Austin, Texas, where I saw many liquor license-y signs in bars that read, "51%." Google reports this indicates that an establishment earns more than 50% of its proceeds from the sale of alcohol, which is important because it means patrons cannot bring their firearms inside to do shots with them. Like, neither the hand-to-mouth, nor the hand-to-trigger kind. To my knowledge, the 51% rule does not apply to minimalist pocket knives.

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