Manticuda Knife

Posted: October 27, 2012
Manticuda Knife

In life, it's important to possess three things with a pistol grip: a pistol; a hairdryer; and a Manticuda knife. Designed for ease of access and supreme thrusting power, the steel Manticuda's fixed blade and 90-degree bend enable the user's full force to be loaded directly into his (or her--and ladies with sick knife skills, please feel free to email me videos of you and the Manticuda in use) forearm axis. The knife's handle accommodates a bevy of grips, including saber-grip, hammer-grip, handle down, handle up, and guard pinch.

Other Manticuda design characteristics include a multi-faceted edge for more cutting angles than standard configured knives and an integrated hammer pommel that is concaved so as to channel that being hammered into the center of the knife's handle. This improves safety and effectiveness, allows a greater output of force, and serves as a thumb ramp/pinky catch for increased comfort and control. Holes dotting the handle reduce the weapon's overall weight, plus pinpoint fingertip positional references, facilitate grip transitions, and support traction. They can also double as nail pullers, bottle openers, and pryers of objects requiring prying.

Most importantly, perhaps, the knife's wide blade was perfected to create large, gaping wounds that will quickly disable the blade recipient, and its double edges allow it twice the cutting perimeter, with no wasted space on the periphery.

The Manticuda is made in the USA. And I'm not saying that's why it's still in production and as yet available only for pre-order with no indication of when it will be finished and ready to ship, but...you certainly don't see the Chinese asking for time off to take their kids trick-or-treating on Halloween. Knives come standard with a nylon sheath; multi-positional Kydex sheaths are coming soon.

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