DoctorKote Ballistics Gel Targets

By: on February 10, 2015
$25 - $35
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While it's complete blasphemy and should be grounds for long-term imprisonment to shoot at R2-D2 and Han Solo (while the poor bastard is frozen in Carbonite!) the Stormtrooper and LEGO man versions of DoctorKote's FBI-grade ballistics gel targets are pretty sweet. And gelatinous. And begging for your best shot.

All purchases include 2 x 10% gelatin mixture ballistics gel targets, plus a DocktorKote stand to ensure they do not slump over dead before you hit them. Between the eyes. On the first try. The pop culture series consists of:

  • Dr. Bego Man: 9.5" tall x 6" wide x 1" deep.
  • H Solo in Ballistics Gel: 10" tall x 5" wide x 1" deep
  • Trooper Ballistics Gel: 6" tall x 6" wide x 1" deep
  • R-D Ballistics Gel: 8" tall x 6" wide x 2.5" deep
  • A variety pack of Dr. Bego and R-D.

DoctorKote ballistics gel molds are handmade from a leading brand in Professional Ordnance Ballistic Gelatin. The gel itself was created to mimic human muscle tissue for target practice, and to determine how different calibers of ammunition would impact the human body. There are FBI and NATO standards for the gel, the former requiring a 10% gelatin composition, and the latter a 20% (DoctorKote also sells blocks of the NATO-approved gel). The specific FBI standard states that a .177 caliber steel BB from an air gun over a chronograph at 590 feet per second (fps), plus or minus +/- 10 fps, must penetrate the gelatin at 8.5 cm, plus or minus 1 cm.

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Micro BB Crossbow


Why doesn't my Cubicle Warfare book include a chapter on How to Build a Micro BB Crossbow? Not that I wouldn't get fired for using it at the office. But we've had these "productivity enhancement strategy consultants"...

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Compact Folding Survival Bow

The Compact Folding Survival Bow, or CFSB-1 for the acronym happy (I think the "1" indicates it's #1 in the world, like America or Megan Fox in a Supergirl outfit), is a patent-pending one-piece takedown bow milled from...

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Throwing Knives & Board

Sold Out from Amazon »

Beer : darts : : whiskey : ... throwing knives! Up your bar game bravado with this throwing knife set. It includes 3 each of black Player 1 and silver Player 2 blades. The knives measure 8" overall and are made of stainless...

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Giant Inflatable Soccer Dartboard

$1,899 from Amazon »

Socc'er in the bullseye, kid. This giant inflatable soccer dartboard might not be as spooky as a 12' inflatable animated spider for the Halloween party, but it will hold all the boys' and girls' - and their parents' -...

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The Hammer Slingshot / Slingbow

$99.98 from Simpleshot »

Archers, bowhunters, bowfishers, people who like to sling mud get one tool for all their firing needs in The Hammer. This slingshot /slingbow invites sportsmen to practice multiple shooting disciplines using its adjustable...

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Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target

$89.95 from Zombie Industries »

Target practice with human targets seems so cruel (although practical since most of the time it's other people that are getting shot). Why not practice drilling holes in things that are already dead and will probably...

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Bulk Wrestling Jello

Sold Out from Amazon »

I was just thinking the other day that I could stand for a good round of co-ed jello wrestling. But when I started doing the calculations to figure out how many boxes of gelatin-forming strawberry granules I'd need to...

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Star Wars Shooting Targets


Apparently, we're allowed to take aim only at the Dark Side. Sneaky Studios didn't design any of their Star Wars shooting targets with Luke or Han or Yoda behind the bullseye, which in a way cuts out an entire buyer demographic...

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Buck Kinetic Series Throwing Knives

$123.46 from Amazon »

Take a different kind of Buckshot with Buck Knives' Kinetic Series of throwers. The 3-piece set debuted at game time during one of Chuck Buck's church picnics in 2005, but the knives haven't been publicly available until...

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Target: Joffrey Baratheon Poster

$7 from 604 Republic »

About. Damn. Time. I hate this little prick. I could throw darts at Joffrey Baratheon's face all day long. I mean, I could shoot at it too, but my aim isn't so hot, and it would be a bummer to miss and hit someone I don't...

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Monkey Brains Bowl

$58.59 from Firebox.com »

Dinner of Doom is served. And even if you can't procure authentic chilled monkey brains to fill this bowl, I'm sure the effect of serving a culinary horror can still be achieved with the addition of more readily available...

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Bleeding Zombie Clown Target

$110 from Amazon »

The original Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target provides hours of strategic and graphic training for ZDay vigilantes, but until now, shooting practice accessories did little for those who hate both zombies and clowns. Which...