Decimator Staff Lightsaber

By: on December 01, 2013

I wish Saberforge would stop churning out new custom designs faster than I can squirrel away enough money from helping old ladies with groceries and skimming off the top of the church collection basket to buy them all. This one in particular makes me feel extra covetous because it's not just a lightsaber, but a lighted Decimator Staff. It blazes power and commands submission from both ends. Kind of like a bad fish taco, but much, much cooler.

An implement fit for the darkest of Dark Lords, the Decimator staff's hilt has been machined by a professional bladesmith, oven-cured with a matte black firearm coating, and spiral-wrapped with a black leather grip. Along the handle are 4 recessed AV switches that each glow the color of the blade they output. The Decimator Staff has been fitted with both red and blue beams, as well as Spark Dual Phase battle sound effects that erupt during various switch and hilt impacts--check out the video to hear them.

Should you want to convert the staff to a saber for a lighter dueling weapon, or to share with your friend Cornelius because he just got dumped by his dietarily-restricted wet blanket of a girlfriend after she sat on a big fat stick during Thanksgiving dinner, Decimator's threaded coupler and pommels allow for separation into a matched set of arms.

Staff purchases include 4 premium blades extruded from sturdy polycarbonate, two 32" staff blades, and two 36" saber blades. Blade colors are buyer's choice, and Saberforge will try to match the switch colors to blade selection. For those who prefer bulleted lists to narrative, the Decimator Staff spec rundown is as follows:

  • CNC aircraft grade aluminum handles
  • Threaded coupler and two pommels
  • 4 premium blades, 2 x 36" and 2 x 32"
  • 10w high power X-2 Dual Color LEDs
  • Spark Dual Phase sound upgrades with two sound fonts
  • In hilt lipo recharge upgrades with kill keys and smart chargers
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