Dark Nexus Throwing Knife Set

By: on March 19, 2017
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Dark Nexus says they're throwing knives, but to me they look like part throwing knife, part knork! When zombie slayer target practice is over I think these snake-tongued blades will accompany me to the dinner table to slice and skewer my Sunday night dinner of Cuban mojo-marinated flank steak with cilantro chimichurri sauce.

Dark Nexus Throwing Knife Set includes 3 stainless steel blades with a black anodized finish, and handles wrapped in green nylon cords. They also throw in a black nylon sheath with belt loop. Overall length in 7-1/2". In terms of durability, one potential buyer ask if they can break, and a satisfied owner responded that he lost one of his knives in the grass and then ran over it with his lawn mower and it was fine.