Bleeding Zombie Clown Target

Posted: November 24, 2012
Bleeding Zombie Clown Target
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The original Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target provides hours of strategic and graphic training for ZDay vigilantes, but until now, shooting practice accessories did little for those who hate both zombies and clowns. Which is why we're proud to announce the release of Bobo the Zombie Clown, a next-generation, life-sized zombie target that bleeds (biodegradable zombie matter that also serves as a soil fertilizer) when you blast him with your Portable Survival Rifle.

Like most clowns, Bobo's story is a sad one. Broke and miserly, he was partial to costume acquisition from a particular paint factory dumpster. Thinking he'd scored with a couple of discarded tubes of glowing green makeup, Bobo generously applied the slightly moldy matter to his face, neck, arms--everywhere really, as coverage of small area seemed to ignite the paint and allow it to spread on its own. This was terrific! Because in addition to cheap, Bobo was also lazy. Before he knew it, his entire body shone a luminous hue not unlike his paranormal idol. Unfortunately, this was due to the paint's dense concentration of Zomaldehyde, which permeated his pores within 10 minutes, and then made a beeline for his bloodstream. Brain dead within seconds thereafter, but preserved system-wide due to the Zomaldehyde, Bobo's trek through the fringes of life as a moaning undead clown began.

The only redeeming aspect of Bobo's sad, sad story is that it's about to make Zombie Industries a shit ton of money as they sell his likeness to undead- and circus-performer-hating sharp shooters for target practice. Bobo comes with mounting equipment and is reusable for 1,000+ assorted rounds before he stops bleeding...and starts fighting back.


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