Airsoft Tornado Impact Grenade

By: on August 06, 2013
Airsoft Tornado Impact Grenade

Pull the pin and let the propane do the rest. When Airsoft's Tornado Impact Grenades detonate, they scatter over 200 plastic 6mm pellets in all 3 dimensions under which your enemies might try to take cover. This means that unless they are cowering under a table like a wussy lapdog whose default setting is to shake like someone put a quarter in it, they're probably going to take a hit.

Tornado Impact Grenades are reusable with reloads of BBs and gas, and have been designed to last for "gazillions of throws!" That's a direct quote from the manufacturer. I have serious doubts about its validity. Unfortunately what I do not have are the patience and the math skills to count to a gazillion, so I'm not sure I can call them on it.

$90.50 - $99.99
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