Airsoft Grenade Launcher

By: on March 02, 2014
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Maybe you'd rather your 6-pack attack come from the real one--the M-32 multiple grenade launcher Mach Machowicz once demoed on Future Weapons--but you'll probably get yourself into a lot less trouble with the po and your mom with this Airsoft ICS GLM version. Probably. Like I always tell my friend Cornelius, just be smart dude. Keep the grenade launches on the field of battle and leave the neighbor's urban chicken coop alone. Even when the hens are really noisy. Even when you're really stoned. And really hungry. And think you've just had a really, really good idea.

Airsoft's ICS GLM is a full-size, 6-round revolving grenade launcher. A beast to behold and a beast during attack, it can house up to 6, 40mm Airsoft grenade shells in its metallic chambers. As the GLM's cylinder rotates with every shot, its beastitude grows--not only can this thing launch grenades, but it can unload them by the half dozen like a gargantuan revolver.

GLM frames are made of an impact-resistant polymer and incorporate a fully integrated rail system for the addition of grips, lasers, flashlights, and top-rail optics to grenade-launching ventures. The included tactical ergonomic vertical foregrip is removable for those who prefer to use their own. A 6-point L.E. carbine-style rear stock adjusts to 3 different angles to accommodate shooter comfort while standing, crouching, or crawling.

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Survival Grenade

$18.99 from Rocky S2V »

Pull the pin and Rocky S2V's Survival Grenade blows up a cornucopia of Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School tools for the outdoor conquistador. Enveloped in 10' of military grade 550 paracord are everything from...

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Airsoft Tornado Impact Grenade

$90.50 - $99.99 from Amazon »

Pull the pin and let the propane do the rest. When Airsoft's Tornado Impact Grenades detonate, they scatter over 200 plastic 6mm pellets in all 3 dimensions under which your enemies might try to take cover. This means...

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Crosman Pioneer Airbow

$849 from Crosman »

If you're a big game hunter living in Arizona*, you are Crosman Golden. It's the only state in the US where there's a season for pursuing just about every species of big game on the Crosman docket with the company's forthcoming...

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Echo1 M134 Airsoft Machine Gun

$3,899.99 from Airsplat »

390 FPS, 21-1/2" long barrel, 13-1/2" short barrel, 1,700-round magazine capacity...I don't think I'd even shoot my friend Cornelius in the ass with one of these things to try to get on Tosh.0. The Echo1 M134 MiniGun...

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The Complaint Department Grenade Sign

$9.99 from Amazon »

When I saw this "Complaint Department" sign with a "Please take a number" directive pointing right at the pin of a grenade, I first assumed it was meant for the office. I know my boss would sure like to have one....

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Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air Rifle

Sold Out from Amazon »

One of my mama's favorite pastimes is going into the backyard and shooting the pigeons off her roof so they stop "crapping all over everything and making that awful cooing noise." Usually she just uses a BB gun to do...

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Shark Repellent Grenade

$16.21 from Amazon »

Surfers, SCUBA divers, mermaids, and baby seals now have a means of deterring the Ultimate Dread. Thwarting the very reason some break a sweat at the mere mention of the ocean. These here grenades contain a highly calibrated...

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Friendly Swede Eye Knife Grenade

Sold Out from Amazon »

It's the Friendly Swede! With sharp eye knife! The Friendly Swede has added a 2" stainless steel eye knife to its survival grenades. The small, yet practical kits each consist of a carabiner clipped to a knife's jutting...

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Battle-Rattle Whiskey Chillers

$79.99 from Battle-Rattle »

As a Platoon Leader in Ft. Carson, CO, Garrett Coker made a bet with a buddy on who would nab the higher Gunnery score. The winner would receive a bottle of Scotch. Coker won. He saw his buddy again a few years later...

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Grenade Folding Knife

$14.99 from Amazon »

The extent of Amazon's grenade knife description: "Looks like a grenade." Hmmm...sold! I'm such an easy target for advertisers. Don Draper could probably sell me a pile of gorilla shit. He could probably sell me a ticket...

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Grenade Valve Caps

$1.60 - $11.59 from Amazon »

It's kind of funny because if you pull the pin...well, in this case the whole grenade...the tire will, well, not explode, but sort of implode as it loses air. Though I guess just removing the valve cap doesn't exactly...

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Spicebomb Cologne

$61.56 - $82.26 from Amazon »

To me, the idea of smelling like a bomb of anything connotes an unpleasantly strong and cloying odor, and when I think of a bomb of spices all that comes to mind are the scents that permeate my clothes, my hair, my skin...