Stick-N-Find Bluetooth Location Stickers

By: on December 15, 2012
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The size of a quarter, the value of your sanity. Stick-N-Find disks attach to any item--keys, luggage, pets--with which you tend to play frustrating games of hide-and-seek on a regular basis. Used in conjunction with their multi-functional app, Stick-N-Find stickers will tell you where they're hanging within a 100-foot range, buzz and light up in the dark, and allow you to create a virtual leash on any item they are secured to.

Upon launch, the Stick-N-Find app Radar Screen displays all devices within range (so I guess if you make a habit of leaving your keys and wallet at the bar, you're still SOL), at which point users can tap on desired stickers to make them buzz, light up, or sing "Amazing Grace" in the style of Judy Collins. If the Virtual Leash capability is activated, the app will sound an alarm when the sticker moves more than the approximate selected distance from a phone. Different types of alarms can be assigned to different stickers, meaning I can use one for my labradoodle and one for my girlfriend when I take her to places containing men better looking than I. If a phone is not in range of the stickered item, the Stick-N-Find app can also be set to give an audible nudge if/when the two objects do get near.

Stick-N-Find packages function with iOS devices having Bluetooth 4.0, and Androids that support Bluetooth Low Energy, running Android 4.1 or later. The system uses a standard watch battery, with an average operating life of over a year.

Stick-N-Find runs as an Indiegogo project through January 14, 2013, and has already achieved well over its funding goal of $70,000. A $35 pledge returns 2 stickers, whose anticipated delivery date is March 2013. Higher backing levels return more stickers at price breaks.

Thanks to Manny for suggesting the Stick-N-Find using Dude Product Tips.

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