SOL Survival Kit

Posted: July 14, 2012
SOL Survival Kit
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Carry the SOL Origin Survival Kit, and the next time you're up shit creek it will supply all the tools you need to build a paddle. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the survival kit is housed in an indestructible and waterproof ABS-plastic case, which itself doubles as a slew of Indiana-Jones-approved defense mechanisms. Integrated into the lid is a flip-up Rescue Flash signal mirror, replete with retroflective aiming aid. The back of the case incorporates a one-hand-operable Fire Lite firestarter, plus a removable liquid-damped compass. And a button release slot on the side reveals a fully-functional folding blade knife, whose handle contains a 100 db rescue whistle and an ultra-bright LED light.

The knife's blade is an AUS-8 drop-point designed specifically for the "precision cutting you need during survival emergencies." Whoa, that sounds ominous. I mean, when I think of precision cutting, I think of all those stories about people sawing off their own limbs or having to eat other people in their group who didn't make it or facing off in forest clearings with hostile chipmunks. I'm not sure I really even want to go anywhere that would require a knife whose specialty is precision cutting. I'm more of a Hey, does anyone have a knife to cut the stinkin' crusts off this sandwich? kind of guy.

But for those of you into the idea of gutting a warthog or DIYing a zipline to escape an avalanche, you'll be glad to know the SOL survival kit also maintains its commitment to your safe(ish) return to civilization with its interior contents, including:

  • A TinderQuik firestarting tinder
  • A 150-pound-test braided nylon cord
  • A mil-spec stainless steel wire
  • A sewing kit
  • A fishing kit
  • A guide to 60+ techniques and strategies for survival compiled by backcountry expert Buck Tilton

Uh, is it just me, or does the backcountry expert Buck Tilton look an awful lot like Chuck Norris? Not that Chuck Norris would bother making an SOL Survival Kit. Or if he did, all it would contain would be picture of Chuck Norris' fists. And a survival guide with only one tip: If you think you're SOL and you're not me...you're right.

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