Smarty Ring Smartphone Controller

By: on December 12, 2013
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Smartphone-connected watches, smartphone-connected wristbands, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a smartphone-connected ring. Particularly with the great fanfare surrounding the Ring Clock. Smarty Ring places on your finger what formerly took up the entire palm of your hand, and provides constant and instant access to what once required bag digging and button pressing.

Smarty Ring uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to deliver real-time updates of calls, texts, emails, and social media postings. It also serves as a remote control for your smartphone. It also serves as a smartphone tracking device. It also serves as a clock. Who's calling me? How do I turn this ringer off? Where's my phone? What time is it?!

Time to get a Smarty Ring, dude.

As a remote control, Smarty Ring enables its wearer to accept or reject incoming calls, make outgoing calls to preset numbers, trigger the linked phone's camera (jackpot, selfie lovers!), and manipulate music. As in playing, stopping, and skipping songs, not as in making Adele shut her fat face forever. Sorry.

Smarty Ring's link to your smartphone means that it will alert you if you drop, lose, or leave it behind, as well as if some jackhole tries to steal it. This type of alert will sound even if the ring has been set to silent mode, and goes off if the phone wanders more than 100 feet away from you.

Finally, Smarty's clock function will tell you...THE TIME! In up to 5 time zones. It has stopwatch and countdown timer features as well.

The ring's design is fairly simple, with a band of surgical stainless steel, and a waterproof cover protecting its fancy inside parts. Smarty Rings include a wireless charger that accommodates up to 2 rings, plus a phone.

January 2015 Update: While the Smarty Ring achieved its funding goal and had a promised April 2014 delivery date, it has yet to be produced or distributed, even to backers whose money has gone (and is gone) to support it. You can check out more details on the Indiegogo campaign's Comments Page.

Muchas danke to Laughing Squid.

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